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ONE YEAR Performance Guarantee

AsWeMove stands by every aspect of our performance under apparel. Years of research and testing is done on every detail. Our material composition is unique and customized specifically for you, the performer. From the finest resilient threads to the most durable and dependable fabrics, we spared no expense, and compromised nothing to create a product that would perform at the highest levels and rise to the occasion for every wear and wash. Our mission is to give you the ultimate risk free experience which is why we offer you both a 30 DAY risk-free guarantee as well as a ONE YEAR performance guarantee. We will reimburse your order within 90 days and beyond 90 days, we will send replacement or store credit to similar styles within one year of purchase.


Stealthskyn™ was created for movement, not a mannequin. Short term wear and tear with 99.9% of brands out there is real. Anything looks great straight out of the package. You can be fooled for a couple weeks or a few months, but the truth is often revealed rather too soon. If you knew that your $40 pair of boxers would pill and tear in 60 days would you still make the investment? Do these look familiar?

Figure A. Habitual purchasing: The floppy “bacon” waist band with exposed elastic fibres.

Figure B. “Not approved for exercise”: the friction wear, faded dull blacks, and endless pilling.

Figure C. Compression without expansion: The tension tears, runs, and creates holes on the surge seams.


We’ve become so used to underwear that tears, pills and deteriorates within such a modest time frame that we accept it as the status quo. Not anymore

Stealthskyn™ boxers and trunks were designed to hold their integrity as you move. We guarantee you that if any of the following happens within ONE YEAR of your purchase we will reimburse your order including shipping. *Returns are not necessary if you can send us a clear picture of the defect.
• exposed broken rubber
• over stretched 
      B. FABRIC:
      • holes due to friction
      • faded dull color & pilling
          C. SEAMS:
          • tension tears
          • broken seams

          Email within 365 days of purchase with the following details. Our team will respond to you within three business days to address your issue.

          • your order number
          • proof of purchase
          • clear picture of the defect and it's location on the garment




          Our risk-free guarantee program applies if you are a new customer and it is your first time purchasing a single product from us and are dissatisfied. To receive a refund or a replacement follow these steps within the outlined time frame. This guarantee is limited to one item only.

          Email within 30 days of purchase with the following details. 

          • your order number
          • proof of purchase
          • the reason you're unsatisfied

          Our team will respond to you within two business days to address your issue, and send you a pre-paid express mailing label. As soon as you email us the return tracking number, we will process your refund the same day.

          When we say, we’ve got you covered. We mean it.

          AsWeMove truly appreciates the time you have taken to get this far in getting to know our mission. Our Performance Guarantees ensures 100% customer satisfaction, and we are confident and proud to be the first undergarment company to award such a risk-free opportunity.


          Underwear unlike anything you've ever worn.



          *Our ONE YEAR performance guarantee does not cover damages and/or negligence based on third party and/or personal handling circumstances, or those who have not followed our product care guidelines on our products page and packaging.

          *Our 30 DAY performance guarantee does not cover damages and/or negligence based on third party and/or personal handling circumstances after the shipment has been delivered.

          *If you benefit from a 2FOR1 or BOGO discount coupon involving receiving free pair, please understand we can offer a partial refund of 50% if you choose to use our 30 day first time purchaser guarantee.