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Our Vision

AsWeMove our mantra. It’s a mental cue that energy and space are in constant flow within perpetuating ripples that we call time. The awareness and acceptance of our three finite resources, combined with striving to create our personal harmony is the key to self-actualization.

We crave movement, we strive for optimal performance. With each passing day, we want to connect deeper within ourselves which will enrich this adventure that we are all on together.

AsWeMove is not just making another “underwear”. More options is not something we need. We are creating a new perspective and standard for what quality performance apparel is. Our intention is to provide our customers with unparalleled value in product and knowledge and in turn we believe you will call us your home. We want to begin our story with you.

Our creative process began with the “essence” of working from the inside-out, not outside-in; how can we create more, with less material? How can we find utility in the absence of physicality?

We all know what the “essence” of a man is. So we began there. Step by step, only adding what is truly necessary to achieve our objective. 26 prototypes and 18 months later we arrived at our first style, Dominate; 1/3 the weight, 3x more durable, and infinite bliss to your skin.

Bruce Lee said it best, “hack away the unessential until the truth is revealed” we would like to add to that, “Only from the truth can real creation happen”.


Underwear unlike anything you've ever worn.