What is Stealthskyn™ made of?

Stealthskyn™ is patent pending and is a proprietary synthesis of naturally occurring and synthetic nanofibers of 85% polyester/biosynthetic and 15% lycra/elastine. More details below:

  • we currently use both natural and man-made fibres
  • we are eco friendly
  • we are creature friendly
  • our fabrics are 100% safe on humans
  • we are hypo-allergenic and friendly to all types skin
  • our fabrics do not contains any metals or any harmful elements to the body

Whats the difference between Dominate, Aspire, and Recover?

Dominate's main attribute is to remove heat and keep your genitals are cool as possible. Dominate provides a friction free surface for any rapid movement such as running and cycling. Dominate best accommodates high performance.

Aspire's main attribute is its softness and unlimited stretch. Aspire provides an adaptability to any body position such as Yoga or any Athletic activity. Aspire best accommodates daily wear or any physical activity.

Recover's main attribute is its absence of physical sensations when it's on your body. Recover has the most body heat adaptive tech out of our three styles and melts into your skin. Recover best accommodates sleep and relaxation.

 How does it fit? How you go about finding the perfect size?

In the side menu we have both a traditional waist chart and a more comprehensive flat measurements diagram. Our customers have informed us that the size recommendations are true to fit. If you have further questions please support@aswemove.com in the “connect” section in the footer menu.

 I don’t know which cut style will suit me. How do I choose?

We recommend that if you have fairly muscular quads, the Briefs, and Long Boxer styles are favorable. The Boxer Brief is a classic cut that suits almost everyone. Our current Trunk and Boxer Brief models have a higher leg/shorter inseam than traditional Boxer briefs. The main focus with StealthSkyn™ is the friction-free characteristic and heat removal which is much more prominent and necessary in the upper quad region. There will be more styles released as we move.

I ordered the wrong size/style what can be done?

In the rare occasion that you make an mistake in the size and style and realize after the purchase that you made an error, email support@aswemove immediately with what you ordered and what you would like to change. We will do our best to attempt to update your order. Unfortunately if the order has shipped, you will have to wait until it arrives and follow our steps to exchange the purchase. This can be time consuming so please make sure to verify your order each and every time.

 I noticed that the 3D Aerator Pouch is slightly sheer on your Dominate style, is it supposed to be like this?

Yes. The material there is 3D die casted and we intentionally create microscopic holes to aerate your “package” as you move and the body heat rises. This protects your sperm count by releasing maximum heat and moisture from your centre. Heat is the catalyst for both discomfort and sperm fatality. Depending on your natural skin coloring the sheerness will be more prominent or non-existent.

 My brand new underwear has a defect what do I do?

In the unlikely event that there is a defect, email support@aswemove.com with a photo of the problem and we will replace your damaged product immediately. no questions asked. Our products undergo a strict quality control process so there is no reason for any visual defects to arise. We stand by our product and process 100%.

 It looks like there is no pouch, will it really support me? What about erections?

We are the only men’s underwear with a seamless front pouch that is seamlessly die casted for optimal physiological adaptation. our process and product is patent pending. Our material is 0.0048mm thin and can expand 360°. Your erections will not only be accommodated but it will feel like it has never felt before with our friction-free surface ;)

 What is the best way to care for my AsWeMove® underwear?

To ensure that your Stealthskyn™ underwear stays in optimal condition for years and years of performance always wash cold 30-40°C or 85-105°F and use mild detergent. Air drying is best but you can tumble dry on low heat with your delicates on the lowest heat setting. This is essential for the longevity of all materials.

 Where are you from? Where are you based? Where do you ship from?

AsWeMove is a Canadian born team and our office is based in Toronto, Ontario where we do all of our designing, photoshoots. All of our products are sourced and sampled by our team in Tokyo, Japan and currently we are housing all of our inventory in St. Louis, Missouri where we service all the shipments to our US friends.

Do you have any physical stores or boutique locations?

We are 100% a digitally native company and intend to stay this way for the time being. www.aswemove.com is the only place to buy our products.

If you have any further questions please contact support@aswemove.com. Our line will be open from Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm Eastern Standard time.