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Color: Black

AsWeMove® introduces The Stealthshield. Our design process began with the essence of life, The Breath. Breathing preceded to physical comfort, audio communication, facial adaptation, activity application, duration of use, functional details, and finally aesthetics & timeless design. All along keeping in mind the protection and safety of you, the modern performer.

Recommendations & Sizing:

Stealthshield™ is ONE size, our gallery model measures 10cm from tip of nose to tip of chin. Our PPE measures 13cm in height and designed to mold to your face.

Passive use: You maintain a distance greater than 30 feet between each person. Gently hand wash your Stealthshield in a small bowl with an all-natural, 99.9% disinfectant soap after 10hrs of wear. Once you’ve used the mask for a total of 10 days, dispose of your Stealthshield.

Casual use:  You maintain a distance greater than 6 feet apart. Gently hand wash your Stealthshield in a small bowl with an all-natural, 99.9% disinfectant soap after 10hrs of wear. Once you’ve used the mask for a total of 4 days, dispose of your Stealthshield.

Aggressive use: You are less than 6 feet apart and in physical contact with others. Please act as though you are a surgeon wearing an N95 Mask and dispose of your Stealthshield after ONE use.

Stealthshield can be worn as a fashion mask.

*DiSCLAIMERIf you have a pre-existing medical condition that requires you to wear an N95 mask, or this is your first time wearing a Performance Protection from AsWeMove, Please consult a doctor or a physician.

Washing & Composition:

Stealthshield™ is made with natural and synthetic non-toxic biodegradable polymers (semi-synthetic).

Washing Instructions:
1. Fill a small bowl with room temperature water and an all-natural anti-bacterial soap.
2. Carefully remove your mask by the ear(s).
3. Agitate the water to create bubbles.
4. Gently submerge you Stealthshield in the bubbly water.
5. With your finger tips, press and turn the PPE 360º. Flip and repeat twice.
6. Lift the PPE out of the soapy water and gently squeeze out the access water.
7. Refill bowl with fresh water and repeat steps 4-6.
8. Make a PPE sandwich using a dry towel and gently press the access water in to the towel.
9. Hang dry over night by one ear loop away from any sunlight.
10. Enjoy your fresh Stealthshield in the morning.

Stealthshield can be worn as a fashion mask.

*DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that It is your responsibility to follow our guidelines to ensure your safety. We cannot be held responsible or accountable if any unforeseen and/or unwanted events and/or effects occur if the Stealthshield is used for a situation, a condition or a protective measure not aligned with what we have outlined specific to our Stealthshield™ Performance Protection.

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“Awesome Mask! I like the fact that it's so light and comfortable, feels like you're not wearing one.” Jose H · Yotpo Ltd. verified buyer



No more muffled voice, negative pressure, or excessive heat from breath deflection. Our technology optimizes breathability and sound waves through cellular vibrations.

360º SEAL


Stealthshield is 2mm thin and can and contour and seal to any facial shape for maximum protection. Our “Stay put” design is gentle on the ears, and virtually weightless at 3.2grams.



Your face is your first impression. Aesthetically designed lines will slim and shape your face. We tailor our jackets, our shirts, and our pants. Why would your PPE be any different? Always show your best.

Exercise approved


Stealthshield is sweat proof and approved for your movements. Fabric masks  can absorb and hold allergens, air pollution, and harmful bacteria. Our PPE is quick wash and quick dry. Your time matters. 



Fold it and put them in your skinny jeans, or keep them in your breast pocket until you need it. Stealthshield’s compressible design will assure you “stay” ready.



99.8% anti-bacterial & anti-microbial treated. Filtration efficiency of 99% of pollen allergies. Filtration efficiency of 98% of air pollution. Deflects 97% of Ultra Violet rays to keep you cooler. Animal friendly material. 100% sterile and vacuum sealed for your safety.