I think it's fair to say that both Arnold Schwarzenegger and the late Bruce Lee embodied the essence of masculinity. Though the term “influencer” didn't really exist in the same way it does today, the magnitude of cultural impact that these two visionaries made were tremendous. Both rising from underground subcultures, their unapologetic authenticity pushed past stereotypes, and broke through traditional boundaries. Men wanted to be them and women wanted to be with them, admired by children and the elder, they were icons of their time and the ultimate symbols of the AlphaMale. Can you tell that I'm a fan ;-)


This the most confortable, best quality, superb feeling underware I have every worn. I am an underware “collector” – Calvin’s, TommyJohn, SAXX etc… and I had to try a pair just to see how they felt and held up. They are GREAT an supportative in all ways. I simply LOVE THEM – just ordered a second pair!!!

Harvey Roberts June 11, 2020

Just got these and they are AMAZING! Better than naked.

Josh Burns June 11, 2020

I love my new pair of trunks. Extremely comfortable, smooth, and a nice fit. Included I received a discount for another pair. Please can we have a pair of briefs! I’ll buy another pair when briefs are available. Thanks!!

Mike June 11, 2020

As a busy trial lawyer, who is constantly on the move, and very physically active in many sports, I can appreciate a cutting edge undergarment with a timeless design that’s created for optimal performance. The Stealthskyn is as functional for me in the courthouse and office, as it is for me in the gym and during my long distance runs. It is also as aesthetically refined and technologically advanced as the sleek profile of a top secret stealth aircraft, which deflects the radar of the status quo for undergarments!

I love the featherweight feel of it, the resiliency of the fine threads and durable fabrics, and the 3D formed aerator on the front, which keeps my ‘family jewels’ cool and dry in the heat of an intense workout! One of the most novel features is the elimination of that annoying floppy ‘bacon’ waistband that you find in 99% of undergarments, which wears down, overstretches and hangs loosely overtime. I’m happy with my StealthSkyn boxers; it’s a game-changing ‘one-percenter’!

Andrew Leroy Rudder June 11, 2020

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